Summer is by far my favorite season…beach, sun, barbecues, picnics, paddle-boarding, long days, kids camps…so much activity and fun! Summer is also a time of high body awareness and stress for so many people. Body confidence can be a huge struggle and summer makes it even more challenging. Hello bathing suits and less clothing!

So today I want to share with you a few of my favorite tips for body confidence this summer:

Follow positive people – we are the media we consume so choose wisely! Follow people on social media that are all about body positivity and body acceptance. Follow people in the same size or larger bodies than you. If someone makes you feel bad about the way you are, unfollow them!

Boundaries – set them and stick with them! If certain people make you feel bad then put some boundaries in place. Perhaps explain that you’re trying to have a positive summer and only want to surround yourself with positivity. If they don’t comply, consider not spending time with them this summer while you work on your body confidence.

Positive affirmations – these aren’t just woo woo things…speaking positively about ourselves actually re-wires our brains! When you find yourself thinking a negative thought about yourself, pause and shift it to a positive. “I am strong” “I am fun” “I am worthy”…

Dress for success – we only have our one body and we are stuck in this skin until we die, so why not learn to accept and maybe even love it? One way to do this is to dress for success now – no waiting until you have your “dream body”. Find clothes and accessories that make you feel great TODAY! A new pair of sandals and sunglasses? Check!

Move your body – joyful movement fills us with feel good endorphins and allows us to have fun while appreciating what our bodies are capable of. Grab a kayak or paddle board and hit the water! Take a swim! Go for a hike! Get out there and move your body in ways that make you happy.

Summer goes by in a blink of the eye. Want a beach body? Take your body to the beach and enjoy yourself.

by Health Coach Carey