We are about to turn the clocks back and with that comes shorter days, less sunlight and for a lot of us – the winter blues

Luckily we don’t necessarily need to pack our bags and move south to stay cheery this time of year. Give these tips and tricks a try to avoid the winter blues this year:

1.) Get Outside – Dress for the cold and go get some fresh air! Being in daylight and feeling the crisp air in your lungs will invigorate even the grouchiest winter blues sufferer.

2.) Exercise – Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean we should abandon our active lifestyle. Go snowboarding or plan a winter hike or paddle. Movement and fresh air are guaranteed to give you energy!

3.) Try light therapy – studies show that sitting by a light box for 30 minutes a day will help pull someone out of depression. Don’t have a light box? Open the curtains and blinds and let in as much light as you can for a natural mood enhancer.

4.) Laugh more – You’ve heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine…Well it’s true! Watch your favorite funny movie or visit a comedy club. A few good belly laughs will lift your spirits instantly.

5.) Eat for energy – Incorporate more whole, organic food into your diet for natural energy. Think lots of colors (allll the fruits & veggies), organic grass fed meats and whole grains. A little organic dark chocolate is proven to put us in a good mood too! Just watch those portion sizes and go for 72% cocoa for the most reward. Stay hydrated and avoid overly processed, packaged food and too much sugar and caffeine.

6.) Get your dance on – Music has the ability to affect our brains and change how we feel. Start your day with a mini dance party and kiss those winter blues goodbye.

7.) When all else fails – plan a vacation someplace warm or plan your spring/summer activities now (helllllo Paddleboarding) Having something to look forward to keeps us hopeful even on the darkest days.

by Health Coach Carey