When I think of what healthy really means to me it’s not all nutrition and exercise. Quite the opposite really! When I think of health, it’s going out to dinner and ordering a burger and fries without a second thought. It’s freeing up the hours previously spent dieting or stressing about food and weight to actually pursue a passion or take up a new hobby. It’s surf & turf and a glass of wine with the one I love. It’s enjoying cake at my kid’s birthday without a side of guilt. It’s appreciating my body and all that is allows me to do…swim in the ocean, climb a mountain, grow a tiny human, ride my bike to town, paddle the Mystic River, hug my son and take naps on the beach. It means never going on a diet again. It’s food freedom. Heck…it’s just pure freedom!

Health to me is living life on my terms without any diet culture sneaking in. It’s eating food that my body craves and moving in ways that feel good and provides me the energy to enjoy my life, passions and family.

What does being healthy mean to you?

by Health Coach Carey